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Cookbook Covers
What you can do with your recipes book?
How to Make The Apartment's Cookbook

Things You'll Need:

Ruler, Scissors/Cutter Knife, Glue, Cookbook Cover, Printed Recipes.


  • Firstly, collect 8-10 of The Apartment recipes. Print out the recipes and cookbook cover on A4 paper. (to get vibrant colours, you can print on inkjet paper which can be found at any computer store)
  • Then, cut out the white border with scissors/cutter knife and fold the pages
    into half.
  • After that, apply some glue at the back of the paper and stick the pages side by side (see pic).
  • Keep repeating the previous steps and stick all the pages together.
  • Lastly, stick the cover on the outside (see pic) and voila, your lovely
    The Apartment Cookbook is ready!

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